August 12, 2019

J.R.'s Art Place

My friend John uses his leisure well: he researches obscure artists from the last century (and earlier). He always shared them on his personal facebook, but has finally started sharing on a public page called J.R.'s Art Place.

So many treasures. Here's a few that have caught my eye recently:

“Sunlight in the blue room” by Anna Ancher, 1891

Bamboo Grove by Hiroshi Yoshida, 1939

"Chicago Interior" by J. Theodore Johnson, 1934

"Honfleur in the Mist" by Félix Vallatton, 1911

Descent from the Cross by Mainie Jellett, 1939

"The War and Us" by Edward Okuń, painted between 1917 and 1923

"The two primary figures are the artist and his wife, with the dragons depicting the wars facing Poland at the time. From what I can gather online, the two are attempting to shut out the war with the cloak that they share, but the effects of war (symbolized by the old woman) still impact them. The white flower they carry between them has started to turn blood red at the tips of the petals."

That last bit is commentary form John. Check out the whole site, and enjoy!

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