January 22, 2017

Who I'm Fighting For

One third of my generation has been killed by abortion. May the same not be true of these, my friend's children:

Angelica, Zita, Julia, Ronia and Ida; Edmund, James and Nora; Lucy, Alice and Robert; Montsy and Cecily; Augustine, Maximilian and Thomas; Gretta, Knox and Simone; Logan, Deagan and Perpetua; Kaedyn; Maximilian, Abigail and Charles; Xavier and Oliver; Alina; Markos, Mirabelle and Juliana; Alexander, Adaryn, and William; Madeleine, Penelope and Eloise; NoĆ©mie, Cordelia and Jonas; Hugh; Gregory and Rosemarie; Margaret, Edith, William, Alexander, and Zelie; Timmy, Henry, Zachary, and Lucy; Isaac and William; Gianna and Dominic; William, Hugh, Mattias, Raphael and Mio; Sophia, Ambrose and Viviana Rae; Timothy; Genivieve and Violette; Kathleen, Emily, John Paul and Monica; Owen; Emma, Johnny, Bella, Dominic and Samuel; Alexandra, Isaac and Victoria; Gabriel and Dominic; Ava, Avila, Maxon and Adela;  Frederick and John; Olivia, Gianna and Maria; Adelaide, Clarence and Eloise; Dairinne and Cristabel; Sarah, Grace, Emma, and Danny; Victor, Karl, Henry, Vincent, Frederick and Beatrice; Hannah and John; Natalia and Lucia; Emma, Corinne and Ambrose; Marianne; Anne; Clare; Maxwell, Cordelia, Raphael, Benedict, Simeon and Felicity; Macie; Magnus, Aerland and Hilja; Bertie, Edith, Vincent and Leo; Abigail, Cordelia, Felicity and Anastasia; Maria and Aurelia; William; Joseph, Gemma, Paul and Dominic; Kolbe, Lucia, Blaise and Clement; Sebastian, Evelyn and Cecilia; Anna, William and Michael; Philip, Molly and Nora; Nick; Patrick; Bailey, Maddy, Grant, Grace and William; Caroline; James; Alexander, Kristiana, Anne and Lucy; Claire; Eve; Luke; Liam; Ignatius; Lucy and Margaret; Gerard; Philip; Sotera; Mary Margaret, Lillian, and Vincent; Tessa and Daniel; Anne, and Dorothy; Joseph; Julian; Francis Xavier and Isaac; Alex; Michael; Caitlin and Joshua; Chloe; Hannah; Alastair and Aibhilin; Joseph, Ambrose, Gussie, and Stephen; Nate; William Augustine and Catherine; Stella and Max; Ambrose; Augustine, Peter and Bridget; Jack and Ana; Savannah and Langdon; Dorothy, Inez and Vinny; Claire and Adam; Ava; Dominic; Paul and Joan; Mark and Katherine; David; Gabriel; Gerard; Matthew; Frederick and John; Charlotte, Chase and Camden; Evangelina and Eamon; Sylvia; Timothy; Ambrose; Miriam; Cecelia; Jude; Hanna; Gabriel; Dorothy; Maria Stella and Magdalena, Adelaide, Victoria, Becket, Charlie, Rafael, Lillian, Charles, George, Rosalie, Abhilin and Cillian, Vincent, Esther and Theodore, Catherine, Luisa, Miriam, Isaac, Julia Marie, Evelyn, Jackson, Lucy, Magdalena, and Maeve, Frederick and Desmond, Esther, Grace Lynn and Peter Joseph; Belloc, Esther, Caleb and Daisy; Charlotte, Irene, Lydia; Charlie; Gerard; Abe; Bernadette;  Julia, Jacob and Alexander; Felix; Gabriel; Ella; Clara; Iris; Clare; Augustine and Jerome; Vivian and Alex; Elliot; Genevieve; Adelaide and Cecelia; Edie; Madeline and Lucy; Carmela; Lizzie and Dominic, William and Hugh, Natalia, Hanna, Serafina, Lucia, Raphael, and Giovanna, and 14 babies in utero.

Thus says the LORD: 
"A voice is heard in Ramah, lamentation and bitter weeping. Rachel is weeping for her children; she refuses to be comforted for her children, because they are not." 

Thus says the LORD: "Keep your voice from weeping, and your eyes from tears; for your work shall be rewarded, says the LORD, and they shall come back from the land of the enemy.

There is hope for your future, says the LORD, and your children shall come back to their own country.
- Jeremiah, 31:15-17

(With the intercession of John Walter, Freya, and Mirabelle.)

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