November 27, 2018


I'm moving back to California next week -- for a few months at least. And yet, I went to get my mail yesterday, and Dad had sent me a whole big pile of clippings from the local paper. Which could have sat on the desk in the spare bedroom till I arrived. But he had to mail them. A very Perry thing to do.

Should I bring this feature back? I hate facebook more and more, but still find all sorts of interesting things I want to share with people. Here we go:

+ Charming: Bookstore sells a biography of William the Conquerer that has been on it's shelf for 27 years. Scary: 1991 was 27 years ago.

+ This chocolate cake is the cure for your over-baking during the holidays woes. So easy. So rich. So easy!

+ I loved this look at the way the Pepperdine University campus -- extremely modernist -- was built to help protect against fires. Even if you don't like the style of modernism, I think this is exactly where it's most useful: using technology and innovation to build buildings that fit in their environments. Fascinating!

+ Speaking of the CA Fires, please consider donating to the Paradise Community Fund for wildfire relief.

+ Dad's choir is doing two Lessons and Carol's services in Benicia and Napa

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