April 18, 2016

The One Where I Learn About Podcasts

Guys! I was on a podcast! Huge thanks to Sally and Zac Crippen for featuring me on their weekly podcast, VERNACULAR -- we talk about how food is an essential part of culture, we talk about vocation, I go on this weird tangent about Genesis, we learn the word "peripatetic," I try to convince Zach to drink rosé, and I say "so" and "like" way too much

S.3E.5: The One Where We Talk About How Food Makes Us More Human

Thanks so much Zac and Sally! Can't wait to be on the show again. (Can you send boxes of those chocolate chip cookies to all your contributors? They sound AMAZING.)

1 comment:

  1. I enjoyed listening to your interview. Your comment on servers and hospitality have me thinking you would like Japan. Their hospitality is amazing. Things that someone in the States would balk at, they insist that it's their job and don't bat an eye. It's crazy. Hope everything is going well!