October 02, 2014

Gaudy Night (1)

"What hampered her was this sense of being in the middle of things, too close to thing, pressed upon and bullied by reality. If she could succeed in standing aside from herself she would achieve self-confidence and better control. That was the great possession in which -- with all his limitations -- the scholar could account himself blessed: the single eye, directed to the object, not dimmed, nor distracted by private motes and beams."
-- Gaudy Night (chapter 4), by Dorothy Sayers

After a very full, very tiring summer, and a year full of changes: this is exactly how I feel. In the middle of things, and still wholly unable to get my bearings straight, know if what I am doing and how I am growing and what I am giving up will pay off in the end. (It would help if Lord Peter was waiting at the other end of the decision, I am sure.)

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