June 06, 2014

My Goodness That's a Lot of Clippings

Did you know there are flamingos at the National Zoo? I was so excited. So was the four year old I was with. But that's fair: I am basically a four year old when it comes to the zoo. Also the Zoo App is super handy. (FONZ)

First listen to First Aid Kit's new album on NPR. (See what I did there?!) This is perfect early morning, ohmygosh I have so much laundry to do before my vacation summertime music. (NPR)

Been absolutely fascinating to read about a Brooklyn Restaurant Empire, and their many off-shoots, and, shall we say, family interests, in this Bon Appetit series: Out of the Kitchen

Why do I always forget about the witty, humble, entertaining, and profound Joseph Epstein? He is such a marvelous essayist, and this is a jewel. (Commentary)

Handwriting for the win - though, sadly, it is disappearing! - Is this a problem? YES! (New York Times)

You know I'm a sucker for a good map story. But what does "GIS" stand for, anyway? Because I read the whole article and still am not sure. (Smithsonian)

So you know how in P. G. Wodehouse, some obscure Uncle is always threatening to die, and leave you with nothing but his obscure collection -- if you're lucky! Reform my friends: You want to inherit from this uncle! (Garden & Gun)

"Scruffy Hospitality" is the name of my game, for sure. Come one, come all. Never mind about the dishes in the sink. No you can't help me clean the dishes in the sink. Sit down. Have a glass of wine. Let's talk. (Knox Priest)

Oh, my Dominicans were ordained last week. Love them so much. (Catholic News Services)

Oral history of MST3K. I didn't really know what an oral history was until I read this. Also: Miles O'Keefe!!!!! (Wired)

"How I Evolved on Gay Marriage" from the always thought provoking Matthew Scmitz (First Things)

This girl is fabulous. I wish I felt that comfortable in my skin, ever. (The Sartorialist)

This Medieval song about summer is charming! Cuckoo! Cuckoo!  (Medivalists)

Um. 6 frozen beer desserts, of course. The Creamsicle Pie made with Berliner-Weiss is brilliant! (Draft)

The Best Places to Be Alone in Washington DC - other than your car, sitting in traffic. Still need to go to that Planetarium in Ballston. (Washingtonian)

Verily rounds up some cute shirt dresses. I will die a thousand closet deaths when shirt dresses and chambray stop being popular (Verily)

The best article Simcha Fisher has ever written. (I Have to Sit Down)

This is the best bit of news I have ever read (or ever will read) from the Facebook "Trending" column: Ghostbusters gets Theatrical Release in celebration of 30th Anniversary! (Variety)

And, in anticipation of Sunday: 7 saints for Pentecost. As I said on FB -- I really ought to have better devotion to the Holy Spirit given how many of my favorites are on this list. (Catholic Exchange)

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  1. I always love your links, but the places to be alone in DC is the best thing I have heard of all week. Now if you will excuse me, I'm off to be alone in the city.