May 19, 2014

The Pixie and the Scout Buildout!

Look. I work in food. I routinely have a really fabulous chef making me my daily dinner (hurrah family meal). I get to sample incredible dishes, great cheeses, lots of wine and beer, of course. What I'm saying is, I know a good meal, and I enjoy them often.

But: I've never had a meal like the pop-up dinner I had last year cooked by The Pixie and the Scout.

We sat down, filled out a funny little questionnaire designed to gauge our knowledge, appetites, (allergies, of course), and adventurousness. (Eg. "Name as many members of the Onion family" and "Draw a picture of something you can forage on a roadside.") And then Katy and Jonathan created a menu of 6 courses entirely for our table (and another one for the table next to ours, and on, and on). There were flavor combinations I had never thought of (savory strawberries), ingredients I'd never heard of (I can't even remember but there was some sort of edible succulent thing that just blew my mind), and the juiciest roast chicken I've ever eaten (and honey, I love roast chicken)! It was one of the best meals of my life.

Now The Pixie and the Scout have leased a huge space in Brooklyn, and have launched a Kickstarter campaign to help fund the renovation of this space. They are close to meeting their goal, but if you're interested in helping a great young couple do incredible things with food, pop on over to Kickstarter, and lend them a hand, won't you?

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