April 15, 2014

A very random, not Holy Week centered Clippings

Don't forget my Easter book recommendations are available here. (The image above is from Petook, by Caryll Houselander and illustrated by Tomie dePaola)

A profile of the amazing Spike Gjerde of Woodberry Kitchen, in Baltimore -- a man deeply committed to his hometown, and to truly sustainable cooking. (He has a full time preservation team, which cans 50,000lbs of produce every year!) His cooking is truly Mid-atlantic: focused on the meat, fish (especially) and produce that thrive in this rich but "undocumented and uncelebrated" area. (First we Feast)

Sidecar and Myrna and I went and saw The Grand Budapest Hotel. And I have lots to say, but, right now: SWINTON. She's crazy, whoa. (Vulture)

Love this headline about the amazing Sr. Helena Burns, aka: "The Nun who got Addicted to Twitter" - it's a great article too. (The Atlantic)

And speaking of the New Evangelization online: the Vatican Library is going digital! (The Art Newspaper)

Chef, 15 years old, making stunning meals in a supper club in his parent's house. (New York Times)

These marble dresses are incredible. (This is Colossal)

How Greg Maddux pitched (The Washington Post)

RCA + Miss Hale: There's a new collection of Muriel Spark essays being published! Informed Air (Amazon via Michah Mattix)

Oh my word, yes: Confessions from the Confession line (Smicha Fisher)

David Brooks on Passover and Liberation and Obedience (New York Times):
When John Adams, Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin wanted to put Moses as a central figure on the Great Seal of the United States, they were not celebrating him as a liberator, but as a re-binder. It wasn’t just that he led the Israelites out of one set of unjust laws. It was that he re-bound them with another set of laws. Liberating to freedom is the easy part. Re-binding with just order and accepted compulsion is the hard part.
This Confessions of a Christian Film Critic is good. We live in the tension, my friends. (The Washington Post

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