March 28, 2014

Clippings: Mostly Trivial

How I've felt much of the time at the new job. The caption ought to read: "When People Start Talking About Religion Before They Know What I Believe" -- but the .gif stands. Don't get me wrong: the job is good and I like the work, but the culture is very different from what I'm used to. And, my goodness, there is a lot of swearing. I'm pre-emptively giving up swearing for lent (or, you know, forever) just to try to combat my already bad habit from getting worse. (Mary is My Homegirl)

J. R. R. Tolkien translation of Beowulf is being published! (The Guardian, via CH)

Last week was a week of mourning for many of us. Olivia and Emma Lewis (obit), Fr. Ray Ryland (obit) and Lauren Langrell (obit). The news of these deaths spread round Facebook and Twitter, and even Instagram -- which struck me as odd, but also necessary: where else would I have gotten the news of these deaths? Relatedly: Here's an interesting piece on modern mourning.  (New York Times)

Lent with St. Francis de Sales (Bows + Bowties via DN)

I could live in this house very happily. (Remodelista)

I could live in this dress very happily. (Vanessa Jackman)

What's your breakfast style? Sweet or savory? (Bon Appetit)

Bon Appetit has also been having some fun sharing the history of different food-relates items and words -- like vegetable metaphors and cocktail umbrellas. (Bon Appetit)

Folks songs, and Plato, and the boys of St. Greg's. (Dominicana)

You're welcome. (Celebitchy, but, I promise, SFW, and this is literally the first time I've ever clicked on that site...)

Who Wore It Best: Olivia Pope or Pope Francis (HT: Emily Hale)

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  1. Excellent links all! Now all I want to do is eat that breakfast sandwich, listen to the Stillwater Hobos, and read St. Frances De Sales. Then the therapist in me would demand that I read all about modern grief, which is really fascinating.

    Thanks for the links!