February 28, 2014

Clippings with a Long Ramble about the Oscars

A really marvelous look at the way literature forms us, by Joseph Prever (Catholic Exchange)

Open letter to Alec Baldwin: " It seems strange in our goal-oriented times, but the truth is that naked happiness-seekers tend to find themselves alone and miserable. To live a life of meaning and integrity, you must build it around something that it is bigger than yourself." (The Federalist)

Color charts! (Present & Correct)

Opening today at the American Art Museum in D.C. -- Modern American Realism. Art Daily reports. (via Mr. Newton)

I have one dear friend who cannot have dairy or eggs or wheat or chocolate or nuts. Let me tell you, her birthday is just about the hardest day of the year, culinarily speaking. Flour-less chocolate cakes have egg and chocolate. Almond flour is out, so there goes all my standby gluten free cakes. Can't make a fool, because cream is out. And I love fruit, but it has to go over something.  Most vegan cakes rely on nuts for sustenance. Most gluten-free cakes rely on dairy and eggs for texture and moistness. So, I am going to archive this post for all posterity: Coconut ice cream. And it doesn't use totally crazy substitutions, either; it's base is coconut cream. That'll do, kids. That'll do. (Food 52)

For all other birthdays: mint-chocolate chip ice cream cake. (Herriot Grace)

On a serious note: on trick for ending the War on Women. (Simcha)

Glad to see one of my favorite Arlington coffee shops getting some attention (photo, above, taken there this morning).

In anticipation of this weekend's Oscars (about which I have no thoughts whatsoever since I've only seen one of the films in the running)...here's an interesting list of the 85 Oscar Best Picture winners, ranked according to how good picks they were. It's obviously a subjective list, but interesting all the same. I have some major complaints with this list. I agree pretty much with the top ten, and I love that she put Gigi at the bottom (what a tedious film). I think she's too hard on both the 80's and the early years of film. And Amadeus (especially ranked against the competition of the year) should not be placed so low.  What I find most interesting is seeing what history has done to the winners and the losers. So many films are vastly better than the others in their category (I mean, were there any movies other than The Godfather that came out in 1972?). Others are real head-scratchers, when you think of the legacy of their competition (Hard the believe The Greatest Show on Earth beat out High Noon and The Quiet Man.) I'd also like to assert that a world where Tootsie wins best picture over the ok, but self-righteous film, Ghandi is a world I want to live in. Alas. (Buzzfeed)

I did not watch Downton Abbey this season, but I did quite enjoy the Fug Girls' recaps. (Go Fug Yourself)

Winter got you down. Make things with citrus, kids! (Eat Boutique)

This. so many feelings!!! (ESPN)

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