February 21, 2014

Clippings for a February Friday

Elise Italiano on Edith Stein and the single life — part of a talk she gave at the Edith Stein Conference at Notre Dame a couple weekends ago; republished by CNA:
This prayer must take on a radical character. Stein’s word choice is precise. The idea of being “captive” to anything or anyone is foreign in our world, where self-fulfillment, self-aggrandizement, and the freedom to do anything one desires is prized. We are told that any restrictions on a woman’s freedom imprison her and limit her potential. And yet to submit to God’s will, trusting in His Providence and His design, is actually the source of our freedom. (Read the rest!)
In anticipation of tomorrow's concert, Fr. James has written about Spem in Allium, Judith, and hope. (Thine Own Service)

There's a new Dominican Friars app (designed by the Province of St. Joseph).

Joe Pass and Ella Fizgerald performed together in Hanover in 1975, and produced some of my very favorite recordings from Ella's long, incredible career (albums). Now that whole concert is available on YouTube. Ahhhhh!

The Rothschild Prayerbook was up for sale at Christie's last month, and they made a quick video that showcases some of it's beauty, plus there's the catalog with full color images and lots of information. It sold for 13.6 M, and well worth it! Stunning! (That's St. Helena, from the book, pictured above.) (Christie's, via Mr. Newton)

The Croissants with St. Peter comic is exactly how I imagine Heaven, too, Ben. (Art and Adventure)

Thoughts on the burial of King Alfred. (Telegraph)

Scallops, St. James, and Botticelli (New York Times via Miss Hale)

NYC Rooftop Sea Salt -- of course it sells for $13.75 an ounce, making it almost as expensive as vanilla beans! (Salt News) (Yes, I subscribe to a blog called "Salt News")

Cider Shandy + Cardamom Oat Crumble. (Food 52 + Happy Yolks)

Also, for the first time in years, I am really liking this seasons fashion shows. I've started collecting some clips, and will try to write up why soon. In the meantime... (Pinterest)

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