January 31, 2014

Hey! I Miss You! Clippings

Hey guys! I miss you! I miss thinking about things and talking about things with you. Today I am ...not going to talk about things with you. But soon. (I hope.)

Meanwhile, here are some links:

First (because I linked to it in Instagram): Chocolate Beer GINGER cake of awesomeness. This time I made a glaze out of a licorice imperial stout (wha?) instead of the chocolate frosting. (Photo, above) Also, in case anyone didn't get my reference on FB: Bill Cosby's "Chocolate Cake" -- the greatest standup sketch of all time.

Washington City Paper has a great "answers" issue this month, and it is filled with all sorts of fun questions, like: What's up with DC's Titanic Memorials?

I loved this post about The Allure of the Map -- specifically literary maps. Tangentially, the example that inspires this little meditation is from Lewis Carroll, and his "Wonderland" and "Looking-glass Land" were the two places I always wished had maps. After doing a google image search, I can see why Tenniel didn't draw one. It's impossible. The landscape of that book is so vivid that to map it is to lessen it. (The New Yorker)

Speaking of Lewis Carroll: 8 Still Relevant Rules for Letter (or, say, email) Writing. I love #4. I routinely ignore #8. I'm really bad about post scripts. Though, what a funny thing about the English language, that we have the ability (by not handwriting our correspondence) to eliminate the Post Script, but we still use it. (Open Culture)

I agreed wholeheartedly with this list: The Top 5 Beers in the World (Blog About Beer)

Manger is one of my favorite food blogs, even though the possibility of my living in Medoc and serving 4 course perfectly staged meals with your 5 beautiful children is less than 1%. And yet, she is charming, her photos are stunning, and her meals are the sorts of things I'd want to cook if I actually spent any time cooking. I was especially charmed by her Mama + Papa Lunch featuring dishes she and her husband make separately.

How Not to Embarrass Yourself at the Butcher Counter ...and can we get a similar list for a fish monger? (Thrillist)

Super excited that It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World is coming out as a Criterion Collection film soon. Also loved this look at the film's locations then-and-now.

I am dying to go here. (Menu)

Also, super cool: one of DC's baristas is playing on the Swiss Hockey Team in the Olympics. Women's hockey in the Olympics is really awesome -- have you ever watched it? Do! (NPR)


  1. if you never ever do anything else for me in my life, i can die a happy woman after awing over Manger. ye gods--it's beautiful :)

  2. The Mad, Mad, Mad (etc) World then-and-now was incredible! Thanks for posting it.