August 26, 2013

This (my) Weekend

Hello, friends! Good morning! A beautiful day is stretching out before me. The sun warms my back, the windows are open, and I can hear our songbirds busily preparing for the day.

I'm glad that it's only 9 o'clock, and I've already showered, gotten dressed, eaten breakfast (spaghetti bolognese, don't judge), wished a friend "good luck" on her first day of work, put out a few fires in my inbox, updated the world about T, posted three articles to facebook (mostly silly), read three poems in my book club book, appreciated the golden light in the living room, took a photo of said golden light for Instagram, approved of Stearns' interpretation of "business casual" for school meetings today, and so forth. (Ps. Stearns moved in last week! Yay!) So far: a full morning!

My weekend is now Monday + Tuesday. Before, when my weekend was Sunday + Monday, I used to call Saturday "my Friday." It was fantastic, actually: Saturday night I'd go to a party, or get drinks with friends, go to bed tired but happy. And then Sunday had it's gentle rhythms of quiet morning coffee, mass, brunch, afternoon nap, supper, aperitif outside in the evening. It was so relaxing, and when Monday morning came I was ready to get stuff done.

Now it's all different. Sunday never feels like "my Friday" -- even if it is the last day I work each week. It is Sunday, and I know it, and it all but kills me to be working that day.

Monday rolls around, and I have the tyranny of two long, empty, unplanned days. And a very very very long to-do list. Do I do my chores and then reward myself with the shopping trip that isn't actually much of a reward because I really need to get new work shoes and I hate shoe shopping, but at least it gets me out of the house? Or do I run all my errands first, when the day is new and not-to-hot, and the stores are empty, and then come home, make lunch or take a quick nap and focus on those pesky chores in the evening. And, this whole summer has passed me by, and I haven't been kayaking, or swimming, or hiking, or anything, so maybe I should just hang it all and do that. But when will I get my writing done?

In the middle of deciding this -- Bang! Pound! Tap-tap! Bang bang! -- the downstairs neighbors are remodeling. Perhaps they started today. Maybe they started last week, and I simply haven't been home to notice. But, they answer my question: I cannot stand this noise, so away to errands I go. Perhaps they'll be quiet this afternoon, so I can get some work done. Or, you know, take a nap.

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