August 28, 2013

Clippings: Rothko Toast, and other joys!

Rothko Toast is pretty much the best. From the fine folks at SFMOMA / Blue Bottle Coffee.

You do want to look at these absolutely stunning, and completely obscure, sterling silver serving pieces. (Culutre Magazine)

John Zmirak's send up of adventures in online dating is hilarious and wonderful, and, oh my gosh, I'm sorry, John. Women are horrible sometimes. (Taki's Magazine)

Hugh Laurie defends Los Angeles in the travel section of The Telegraph. Pretty great. (Even though LA is my least favorite CA city, he's right.)

Heineken can't compete with craft beer says CEO plus a grain of salt. (DC Beer)

I can hardly begin to make sense of what is happening in Egypt. It just breaks my heart. For news I recommend Catholic World Report, for analysis, I recommend looking up the work of my friend Andrew Doran, who has a wonderful grasp on the entire situation, as he's been writing about it for a while (National Review, American Conservative). Also, First Things has been reporting pretty regularly (here's their most recent post).

Conor McDonough, an Irish Dominican, on choosing the religious life  (The Journal):
At its origins, religious life was not at all respectable, but involved a flight from respectability, in favour of ‘holy foolishness’. When religious life becomes a respectable career, it loses its counter-cultural dynamism.

I’m deeply grateful that in 21st century Ireland, religious brothers and sisters are at the margins, not in the mainstream. I don’t mean to paint religious as the original hipsters (‘I listen to Gregorian chant. You’ve probably never heard of it…’), but choosing poverty, chastity and obedience and a life in community is now, once again, a subversive option.

And speaking of Dominicans, did you hear about the Ann Arbor Dominican Nuns' new album? And their interview on NPR? (NPR)

Jean Bethke Elshtain (may she rest in peace) wrote a marvelous little essay on the virtues of thrift. Though I am one of the least thrifty people in the whole world, I was captivated, and inspired. Via Miss Hale, one of the thriftiest people I know. (In Character)

Well I spent thirty minutes exploring this "taste map" graphic connecting different chemical compounds in foods and drinks to each other. I love a good graph. And about food! (Scientific American)

Tom Sietsma, the main dining critic for The Washington Post, spurred on my an off hand comment about Olive Garden, decided to investigate the food at several major casual dining chains, and then suggests there's something we can learn from their coziness, their welcome, their affordability. (The Washington Post)

Things to do with stale bread (WSJ)

Also! Happy feast of St. Augustine!

Bad times, hard times — this what people keep saying; but let us live well and times shall be good. We are the times. Such as we are, such are the times.
— Augustine

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