July 03, 2013

We All Scream for Ice Cream!

A few years ago (gosh, many years ago - I was still in DE!) I heard about a hand-made ice cream company in New York that delivered two unique ice creams to your door every month. The flavors changed all the time, and they were completely hand-made and very inventive and in high demand. And very expensive.  At the time I was in my oh-my-goodness-get-me-away-from-an-office phase, and I thought it was just the coolest idea ever. 

I still think it's a pretty awesome idea. And apparently so do many other people here in Washington, because, friends: ice cream is the new dessert trend in DC, and this lady is thrilled. Yesterday The Washington Post profiled two new ice-cream sandwich companies (MilkCult and CreamCycle), both of which deliver in inventive ways (MilkCult has a motorcycle, CreamCycle uses bikes). And then local blog Young&Hungry profiled Ice Cream Jubilee, a bike-delivered ice cream company that just launched as well.

I haven't tried anything from these guys yet (dying to!) but in the meantime, here's a list of all my favorite Ice Cream treats in DC:

GRAPE + BEAN: (photo above) I can't not include my own shop! Our chef makes these delicious classic chocolate ice cream sandwiches (pictured above), with Trickling Springs Creamery ice cream in the center. So far my favorite is Peanut Butter, but this week we're releasing a Lemon Chiffon with Chocolate Cake that I'm dying to try!

DOLCEZZA: This is the best gelato and sorbet I've ever had. They use local dairy and local produce to create brilliant, clear flavors. I am most familiar with their Georgetown shop, but I also love their stall at the Penn Quarter Farmer's Market. Most recently they opened up in Fairfax's Mosaic District, and are no producing super-delicious push-pops.

PLEASANT POPS: What started as a popsicle cart at Fresh Farm Farmer's Markets turned into a full -fledged shop in Adam's Morgan, thanks to a successful kickstarter campaign. On top of their delicious fruit-based popsicles, they sell local foodstuffs, like Ceremony Coffee, Virginia maple syrups (!), and gluten free breads from a local bakery.

GOOD STUFF EATERY: Hands down the best milkshakes I've had in my life.

And don't miss The DC Scoop, a big festival at DC's Union Market featuring a dozen local ice cream purveyors competing for the title of best ice cream in the city!

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