July 31, 2013

Their Measure is Love

I'm sure you've all heard: my dear friend Thomas Peters was in an accident about ten days ago, and broke his neck. I haven't written largely because I haven't had time — between work, visits to him and Natalie in Baltimore, and keeping everyone informed of the injury, and Thomas' progress, I have hardly had time to do my laundry let alone write a blog post.

But I can't let these days go by without saying something. I'd like to thank you for your prayers, and ask you to continue them. Thomas' recovery thus far has been truly miraculous, but he has a long long road ahead.

"There are things that the understanding cannot grasp: they are too big for it, because their measure is love."
—Adrienne von Speyr
These days have been measured with love — not my love, which is selfish and inadequate — but the love of Thomas and Natalie, and the love of those who surround them. Love that is lived and given, that is aching and painful at times, but also gracious, charming, considerate, prudent, thankful, and blessed beyond measure. There are many many long hard days ahead, but it turns out: it is a joy to cry for love, and a joy to serve, and perhaps, after all these little joys shaping my heart, it will also be a joy to carry Christ's cross.

Thomas and Natalie are carrying that cross these days, and with our prayers and support, they will have the strength to love and live in Christ. Pray for them!


  1. Anonymous8:41 AM

    You are loved tremendously. God bless you.

  2. Beautiful-- the words and you.