June 04, 2013

Produce Portraits (I - Spring)

We've been getting the prettiest most delicious produce at GRAPE + BEAN from a few local and organic farms, and I've been taking portraits as part of our marketing. I love creating a culture of the store, and part of that means showing off the things we carry in a compelling and intentional way. So, I post these photos to an album on our facebook page with detailed information about where the produce came from and suggestions for how to use it. And when we talk about the produce in the shop we also talk about where it came from and how we know the farmers (well, our Chef does), and help people not feel more connected, but actually be connected to the farmers they are buying from because we represent them and their work.

The fresh produce is a very very small part of our shop - but an essential part. (And we do use this produce in all our seasonal dishes at the Wine Bar.) These photos help draw attention to our commitment to using the best, freshest, most seasonal produce, and to helping provide for our neighbors in a valuable and delicious way.

(And, I am frankly very proud of these photos, all taken on an iPhone in our kitchen, and have been wanting to share them with all of you.)