June 28, 2013

Clippings: Palate Cleanser

I'm still playing catch-up from a busy week in the world of politics, religion, and all that other important stuff. This clippings post is for everyone who is tired of reading all that. A palate cleanser, if you will.

Got a box of shrubs from INNA Jam yesterday. Made a cocktail. Posted on Instagram (above). MoniRose suggested becoming cocktail penpals. Brilliant! Anyone who wants to join in, send me your best cocktail recipe, and a photo, and we'll see what we can come up with! PS: This is a shrub. (Food in Jars)

Maggie's new favorite person: A Bronx priest who makes beer and keeps bees and started a clothing company to raise money for awesome projects. (Catholic Vote)

Two of Maggie's other favorite people wrote about Gaudi on the occasion of his 161st birthday: The Courtier and Ampersand Etc.

Maggie's most favorite person was interviewed by Kathryn Lopez and it's awesome:
One of the best things about looking at your life through the lens of the Catholic faith is that culture matters. Beauty matters. Food and drink matter. What’s on television matters. So we take the best parts of everything out there and integrate them into our daily life. Spiritual growth and a relationship with Christ don’t happen in some sort of state apart from being in the body, in time, and in the world. You become holy right where you are, in the thick of your daily choices and encounters.
Also, (I know, I have a lot of favorites): one of my favorite Georgetown professors, a kind, brilliant, humble man, George Carey passed away last week. Some of his colleagues and friends remember him. Rest in peace.
The heavy implication here was: I’m retiring and it’s for real this time. I had the feeling I was getting in just under the wire. ... Fast forward to last week, June 2013: TME still had yet to retire. He would not, could not, leave the classroom. He could not, would not, leave the work that he loved. As one who benefitted from both his teaching and friendship, I will be ever grateful. As one who followed in his footsteps, I know I will always fall short of his high example. - Justin Litke
Rest in peace, Professor Carey. (The American Conservative)

The Knox Bible is available online? I've been trying to read/live/pray this Psalm daily.  Tried and failed. (Bible Gateway)

British insults are the best. (Mentalfloss)

A trip to Brooklyn is clearly in order (and not for the food!) (Though, ok, I'd be glad for all the food too!) John Singer Sargent's watercolors are being shown in the Brooklyn Museum till the end of July. (Lines and Colors)

Ralph's Grocery Stores (the Southern California wing of Kroger) has a pretty innovative solution to food waste which is a (sad but) unavoidable ramification of almost all food shops, no matter the size, or resolve to be eco-conscious. (LA Times)

An adorable article about Brad Pitt and "the Jam Fairy" Christine Ferber, which will only be of interest to a few of you, but which I had to share anyway. (The Connexion)

Just discovered this awesome and charming food blog dedicated to British Food, which, as I've mentioned before, gets a bad, undeserved rap. (Miss Foodwise)

Your favorite children's books re-imagined starring Parks and Recreation characters. (Flavorwire, via, The Evangelista -- who incidentally has a great links round-up today, too.)

Welcome to my Nano Brewery (McSweeney's)

A convent of Benedictine Nuns has recorded a new album of sacred music, which (woot!) debuted at No. 1 in Billboard Classical Music Charts! Angels and Saints at Ephesus can be ordered directly from the convent. Listen to a preview here.

The FBI investigated the song "Louie Louie" for two years. And not because of it's potential use as a ear-worm torture devise? (Smithsonian)

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