May 10, 2013

Clippings: Wes Anderson, Anchovies, God-Spray, and the Rust Belt

If you read nothing else this week, read this. Brilliant and brave. I want to talk a bit more about depression soon, but let's start with this. (Hyperbole and a Half)

Papal catch-phrases, including the brilliant "God Spray," from Matthew Schmitz in First Things

I love that my favorite cheese blogger (who has a new book!) went on a cheese retreat! This is not actually all that interesting a post, it's just adorable, and gives me a chance to reintroduce you to her. (I've talked about her before. You may recall the Cheese Nun? I was obsessed for a while.) (Madame Fromage)

Anchovies are the new salt - and actually really really good for you, people, so if you're not allergic, try them! (Food 52)

Cristina Grace has a nice roundup of full swingy skirts for summer. And I, predictably, want them all. (The Evangelista)

Merida, from Brave, gets a sexy makeover, which is not at all surprising given Disney's habits. What really fascinated me was the slideshow of other tarted up toys. Like, how do you make a cartoon horse (My Little Pony) sexier? This is how. (To say nothing of "Why would you want to make a cartoon horse sexier?")

Loved this piece about the Library by my friend Ben Hatke (author of Zita the Space Girlpictured, above). Best thing is, his library is super small, but look at the treasures he finds, and clearly they inspire him because he's a great and creative thinker/author. So, lesson of ALWAYS is: go to the library, people!

I want to go to here. (Miss Moss)

The Met Ball is usually all kinds of crazy, so I was looking forward to the theme this year (punk!) but apparently we aren't really far enough away from punk to do it with any fun. Only a few noteworthy looks. Also Coco Rocha is awesomesauce. (Go Fug Yourself)

The awesomest thing on the internet this week is: Wes Anderson Bible! (via Hepburn)

A network of chefs is forming in the Rust Belt, hoping to revive civic agriculture and (necessarily) great food. And its home base is in Pittsburgh. (New York Times via The Courtier)

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