April 26, 2013

Support: Everest Base Camp

My friend Peter Hurley is one of the awesomest guys I know. An eternal surfer dude, he and his friends founded Surf for the Cause, which uses their love of surfing to help foster communities and build up the impoverished societies around the world. These communities, largely in the Caribbean, are always hosting surfers, but the surfers often just come and surf and leave without ever paying much attention to their surroundings.

It's pretty awesome stuff, and I just love what they do, and highly recommend you check them out. But Peter's newest escapade is why I'm writing today: he's hiking Mt. Everest, and raising money for Flying Kites Global, a non-profit whose exemplary work is changing the lives of orphaned children in Kenya. With the profits incurred by this "Adventure Challenge Trip," Flying Kites Global is currently building a home and leadership academy for orphaned children in Kenya.

Help support Peter by sponsoring him here: Everest Base Camp Trek. He's $2,000 away from his $5,000 goal, and has only a few weeks left till the trip!

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