April 05, 2013

Easter Clippings

Christ is Risen! Alleluia! (I don't think I ever get tired of saying that.)

Time waster of the day: the world's largest collection of vintage travel posters. I'm glad Oakland gets a shout out, though I would like to note that this particular depiction of the Golden Gate is completely geographically impossible. (Simmon's Collection)

Simcha Fisher gets on the spurious quotations bandwagon, woot! woot! And if the Lewis one wasn't so damned irritating, it would be hilarious. (National Catholic Register)

Dr. Seuss, Hat Lover. (Collector's Weekly)

"I made up my mind that this Easter I am going to live and act like it really is Easter and not just a season called “Not Lent.” The question is how to do this. “Not fasting” can’t be the entirety of the answer and “not praying” and “not giving alms” don’t seem like good Easter fare either. The answer must be “joy.” But the next question is how to live this joy."
- The Ethos of Easter, by Br. Leo Chekai, O.P. (Dominicana)

"There are two kinds of cooks in this country, the reductionist in me argues: the parsley pushers and the parsley-ambivalent." I am a parsley pusher. (Washington Post)

This week in "English is Awesome" 14 words that are their own opposites. My favorite is "Fast" -- Fast can mean "moving rapidly," as in "running fast," or ‘fixed, unmoving,’ as in "holding fast." If colors are fast they will not run. The meaning ‘firm, steadfast’ came first. The adverb took on the sense ‘strongly, vigorously,’ which evolved into ‘quickly,’ a meaning that spread to the adjective.

A great twist on the limerick from the man who taught me everything I know about limericks, my high school English teacher, Tom Riley.

And, my new favorite tumblr, New York Times Haiku, has this little gem:
For reasons he is
not sure of, he also adds
scallions at the end.
In DC food news you can use, Mayor Vincent Gray is once again up to no good, and trying to essentially kill the thriving DC Food Truck scene. Sign up for updates, to find out what you can do to help these entrepreneurs and keep our creative food culture growing!

In other DC food news you can use (woot! woot!): I thought you all would want to know that FatShorty's in Clarendon is finally open. Sausage, Belgian beer, and (maybe?) doughnuts. I am giving up my lease, and just moving in here.

My favorite of the Roger Ebert things being passed around (rest in peace, Roger!) is this letter he wrote to Kermit the frog, which, it seems to me, perfectly captures his love of movies, his understanding of the universal appeal of movies, and his rich and imaginative approach to reviewing movies. And this is an incredibly moving last testament. (RogerEbert.com and Salon)

Finally, please pray for Fr. Greg Schaffer, and the Newman Center at George Washington University. Two students are trying to get Fr. Schaffer removed from his post and banned from campus due to his expressing (in private counseling) the Catholic teaching on homosexuality. This is patently absurd on so many levels. But it is most distressing because Fr. Schaffer is in fact a very good man, a kind pastor, and a vibrant advocate for the life of Faith. Students have spoken out in support of Fr. Schaffer. Deacon Greg has the details, as does Dawn Eden who knows him (as I do) from the parish where he lives, St. Stephen Martyr. 

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