February 06, 2013

Mid-Week Clippings

First blossoms of Spring. #vscocam

Can you believe it? This quince blossom greeted my walk to work yesterday. I am personally so ready for Spring.

By the way, I promise to get you something other than links one of these days. Life is so very full, and so very rich.

So yes, this article about the Tudor wine cellar underneath the Ministry of Defense in London is pretty cool, but the real question is: how did I miss a blog called Edible Geography?! (via Go Fug Yourself)

Jack Donaghy Insult Generator (Vulture)

The very many varieties of beer. And I want to try them all. (DailyInfograph)

My friend Mike is studying for the priesthood, and defends his choice in light of what's going on in LA right now. (Path to the Priesthood)

Speaking of the priesthood, just look at these men. Ah! I love them so. And this is super awesome, too! (Ordro Preadicatorum)

Richard Thompson's new album on NPR, woot! woot! (NPR)

What? Michael Dirda had a blog and I only found out about it now that its ending. (The American Scholar)

Marissa has the ultimate Marmalade how-to roundup. (Food in Jars)

My favorite thing about the Superbowl? That avocados go one super-sale everywhere. (Daily Infograph)

Do you know what my favorite insult is? "Thou dost bite, my dear Mustard seed!" It's from William Congreve's The Way of the World, which, as it happens, is in the top 10 pivotal events of English Literature. I love this list. I don't entirely agree with it (who could!) but I love it. (The Guardian)

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