February 22, 2013


Green Grocer DC is a great CSA like shop in DC that does local sourcing and is pretty fantastic. But for all of you not in DC: they have a killer Pinterest Profile that is organized by ingredient type. Wow.

Stacy London is the best. (New York Times)

The Catholic Church has a long tradition of the avant garde (I mean, we have churches made out of human bones), so why not a Graffiti Church? I, for the record, love this. (The World via First Things)

Another brilliant and versatile sauce from Heidi Swanson (101 Cookbooks)

If you CSA box has too many winter greens (or you just buy too many because you can't resist them because they are soooooo pretty): this is for you. (The Yellow House)

10 lovely seafood dishes for Lent. (Food 52)

Amish Romance Novels (The Paris Review)

Full skirts and longer hemlines for fall, thanks to Prada. And! the colors! (The Sartorialist)

Also: thankfully, the Fug girls round up their favorite coats. (Go Fug Yourself)

Also (sorry, guys), you know I do not worship at the altar of J. Crew, but their fall collection was pretty killer, with stunning prints, texture, color (thank goodness: the death of pastel!) and interesting cuts. Looking forward to seeing how it will filter down. (Garance Dore)

I love this Streamlined Moderne House in LA so much. Glad to know the name of the style, too, because there was one house in SF that I was totally obsessed with that was built in the Streamline Moderne style. It also had a killer bougainvillea tree, so it was basically perfect. (Moby LA Architecture)

Image lines up the top 25 films about marriage. I rarely agree with their lists (though they are always compelling) because they don't have enough joy and enough comedy. I can't complain about this one, because I actually haven't seen any of them! But, I will say: they leave out Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House, and that is a tragedy. (Image)

Lastly: a great post by one of the most fabulous ladies I know: All the Single Ladies (CNA)


  1. Streamlined Moderne is even better:)

  2. One of the movies on the top 25 films about marriage - Bergman's "Scenes from a Marriage" - apparently "became notorious worldwide when it was condemned for allegedly inspiring a spike in Scandinavian divorce rates, which almost doubled in the year of its release" (Wikipedia). This makes me think that they doing a good job in picking movies that are thought provoking about marriage (along with picking Le Mepris, which is excellent), but now I am a little worried about watching the Bergman film.

  3. I think architecture in la will probably be good.

  4. I think architecture in la will probably be good.