January 11, 2013

Some Scattered Thoughts on the Baseball Hall of Fame

So The New York Times probably said it best when they didn't say anything at all.

And I've purposely kept out of these discussions. In fact, I forgot that Bonds and Clemens and Sosa were eligible this year, until I saw the headlines yesterday.

I suppose the "Steroid Era" is one of those problems that there is no good answer to. Yes they took steroids. But then amphetamines have been a part of baseball for decades, and they're actually illegal. And many of these PEDs were not banned at the time by Major League Baseball. What about the coaches, the owners, Bud Selig? What about the fans, who wanted big ball, not slow ball.

These players were the best of the best for 20 years (and if Canseco was right, the playing field was much more evn since 80% of players at the time took PEDs). Look: the entire era was tainted, and the players are the ones getting all the blame. An entire generation of baseball fans wouldn't exist if it weren't for these players.

I hope that their not-being elected this year will allow them to be elected in the future. (Sort of like how none of the Lord of the Rings got major awards until the last one; unfortunately that hasn't been the case for McGwire, who's numbers have gone down with every successive vote.) Or, as my dad said last night: Maybe next time the writers will be looking at them with fresh eyes—“Ok, I’ve had my say, now let’s forget about it and move on.”

Let's not let this blank page become a permanent fixture in the Hall of Fame.

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