January 18, 2013

Clippings: Patron Saint of Winemakers

Given my line of business, it's rather shocking to me that I only found out who the patron saint of winemakers is three days ago. Do you know? St. Vincent of Saragossa. His feast day is January 22nd, which explains why I've never heard of him before: that is a very sober anniversary in America, and my mind is always on things other than wine and merriment. All the same: I am celebrating his feast this weekend -- we're having our new pastor over for dinner, and the wine shall flow freely! (Catholic Online)

Speaking of which: here's a great article on what type of wine-drinker you are. And an awesome awesome poster. (Washington Post, and Wine Folly)

The End of Courtship. Haven't read it yet, but I know I need to. (New York Times)

Last week's episode of Downton, via facebook updates. Lady Mary Crawley: "My god, you two are related." (Someecards)

“On the next Arrested Development: George Senior gets murdered, Michael goes insane, G.O.B. finds God, and Buster starts a revolution.” -- First Things

Fr. Schall's last lecture was ignored on Geortown's campus by any official channels, but The Chronicle of Higher Education wrote about it. Boo yah.

On joy. (Three White Leopards)

Tea in England (Le Voyage Creatif)

A charming photo series: My Personal Moon (Plenty of Colour)

A 900 year old monastery rebuilt in California. (Catholic World Report)

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