January 01, 2013


My #resolutions look better in @backpockets' handwriting. #2013 #letsdothis #vscocam

This year was rough. Not apocalyptic, no, but full of very deep, very real sorrows. It seems everyone welcomed 2013 with a sign of relief, more than a cheer.

I only kept one of my resolutions last year. Instead of the eight things I was going to do, life got in the way with its blessings and surprises. I changed jobs, I became a godmother again; I buried my oldest friend's father; I went to a million weddings; held so many wonderful babies; I read too many mystery novels, borrowed too many cars, and spent too much money on wine and taxi cabs. So this year, I only listed the things I a) really must do or b) really want to do. They (listed above) seem more manageable goals.

The one resolution I did keep was to work hard to "be thankful" -- my motto for 2012, inspired by the readings we heard last Sunday from Colossians. I honestly don't know how I would have dealt with all the sorrows, the trials, the major decisions, and the almost heart breaking joys of this past year without knowing that all this comes from God, and that the only possible response to His incredible bounty is to BE THANKFUL.

That's a resolution I'll take into the New Year, for sure. Here's to 2013! May it blessed for you all.

Daily reminder.

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  1. I have recently discovered your blog and am so grateful for your voice and eye! Blessings to you this New Year Day--