December 13, 2012

Gift Guide 3: PLAY

Bits of silliness and fun for the holidays. Including some super cool toys that I want for myself (which should surprise no one. I love toys.)

Anchorman Quote Pencils // $15 // Etsy seller Earmark makes lots of pencil quote sets, including some of the best lines from Arrested Development, 30 Rock, "Shut the Front Door," and, my personal favorite: "You Had Me at Meat Tornado"

Milktape // $15 // Filed this under: why didn't we think of this years ago? A USB Drive Mix-Tape. So so fun.

Princess Bride Wine // $25 // Should have put this with the food guide, but, well, it is hilariously silly.

Wooden Penguin // £10 // These probably won't ship to the US in the time, but ohmygosh I love these wooden animals. So adorable.

Mustache Pacifier // $9 // Can an ironic trend "jump the shark"? If so, the mustache trend certainly has with this, and yet, I want to buy it for every baby I know because it's just hilariously adorable. (Watch out, Jack!)

Do Not Eat Notes // $5 // Passive aggressive office gifts done right.

Looney Tunes Golden Collection // $89 // Every New Years, Cartoon Network runs a Looney Tunes Marathon, and we basically have it on all day long. It is the best way to start a New Year: with laughter.

Build a Robot // $30 // So so great.

Safari Magnets // $17 // These animal magnets from Etsy's Original Animal Magnet Company completely crack me up. They come in lots of colors and other animals (Stallions, Dinosaurs).

Lemon Ball // $34 // A handmade, leather baseball from Kauffman Mercantile, which, by the way, has all the coolest things ever. You can do all your shopping there.

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