December 11, 2012

Gift Guide 1: EAT (etc.)

Morris Kitchen Syrups // $15 // I had the pleasure of tasting these finally this summer, and was just blown away.

12 Amazingly lovely Holiday Cookies // Food 52 // DIY

Beer Candy // $8 // Haven't tried these, but boy do I want to.

Seasonal Gift Box // $50+ // All of Eat Boutique's gift boxes are awesome: Maggie Battista seeks out small, artisan producers and pulls together their products in a thoughtful, elegant, and fun package.

Kitchen Towel Calendar // $18 // Charming, useful, and handmade

Rocket Espresso Cup // $39 // This is a 3D Printed Ceramic mug, and I have no idea what that means, but it sounds really cool. It's also adorable.

Barrel Aged Maple Syrup // $14+ // Aged in Whiskey Barrels; perfect for Christmas Morning pancakes.

White Chocolate Rocky Road // Bistro Gerard // DIY (and so pretty)

Utility Aprons // $39 // These sturdy linen canvas aprons are made in the Provencal style, right here in the US. (via Remodelista)

Gather Journal // $19.95 // The only one of these new magazines that I really really love.

A lovely wine box from GRAPE + BEAN of course. // Price Varies // Stop in the store to see what we've got, or let us help you build one of your own. The one above features two amazing Spanish wines (truly, two of my favorites in the shop), for $60.

Brigadieros (a Brazilian fudgy/caramelly ball of awesomeness // Metrocurean // DIY

Dansk Bakeware // $100 // Reissued by Crate + Barrel earlier this year, these have all the best attributes of Scandinavian mid-century design: clean lines, elegant but simple details, sturdy, and practical. They will last a lifetime.

Canal House Cooks Everyday // $30 // This is the only cookbook I want this year, though that won't surprise you since my love of Canal House is well documented on this blog.

Brooklyn Brew Shop // $50 // Two crazy awesome brooklynites wanted to brew beer in their tiny apartment. So they created the Brooklyn Brew Shop system. Lots of styles/recipes offered. A great way-in for small-scalle brewing.

And, of course, Jams by Mags // $5-10 // Last day to order for Holiday Shipping is Dec 17th.


  1. Zagorka10:00 AM

    "3D Printed Ceramic mug" - there are printers, which do not print with colours but with ceramic, and they print one layer at a time, moving upwards. So you can print ceramic shapes, very fast and very flexible, even shapes which would othewise be impossible to make.

  2. Anonymous12:14 PM

    Just ordered those beer candies for Andy. Shh. Don't tell!
    Excellent gift guides Margaret! For real, thanks!