December 14, 2012


 Ah! I am finally in the Christmas spirit. Cold/flu is gone. I was able to go to two Christmas parties (which made up for the 6 or so I missed while sick). I have most of my Christmas shopping done. And I'll be decorating two Christmas trees this weekend (mine and Aunt Dolly's).

My last gift guide (BOOKS!) will be posted on Monday.

25 best red carpet moments, from The Fug Girls. And there are only two I disagree with. Can you guess which? (The Cut)

Yes yes yes yes yes:
The large, multinational brewers appear to be deliberately attempting to blur the lines between their crafty, craft-like beers and true craft beers from today's small and independent brewers. We call for transparency in brand ownership and for information to be clearly presented in a way that allows beer drinkers to make an informed choice about who brewed the beer they are drinking.
And for those passionate beer lovers out there, we ask that you take the time to familiarize yourself with who is brewing the beer you are drinking. Is it a product of a small and independent brewer?

Super sweet minimal Christmas decorations. (Reading My Tea Leaves)

The Year in Children's Literature: Miscellany (100 Scope Notes)

I've only made Egg Nog once before, but it was out-of-this-world amazing. And then my cranky roommate got pissed because there was a boy in the house after curfew, and we (myself, two other roommates, said boy) were drinking and laughing and that, my friends, is about as crazy as my college days got. Anyway, I want to make this. (Farmette)

This is completely stunningly beautiful. So are these. (Design*Sponge)

Louis CK and the Proust Questionnaire (Vanity Fair)

Best idea ever: Tony Esolen Grammar Lessons and Words of the Day. Now if they would only introduce tags, so we can see them all in one place... (First Things)

Agreed, for three reasons: 1) any man that wrote as much as Chesterton is bound to say some really stupid things in the midst of brilliance; 2) his bombastic style is bound to be miss-read when taken out of context; 3) If there's anything I cannot stand in this world it is quotes taken out of context and turned into pious platitudes. (First Things)

Relatedly (to the last point, at least) and hilarious. (Pinterest)

Fennel! Fennel! Fennel!  (Food 52)

Lastly: Papa B!
"We live in a society in which it seems that every space, every moment must be 'filled' with initiatives, activity, sound; often there is not even time to listen and dialogue... Let us not be afraid to be silent outside and inside ourselves, so that we are able not only to perceive God's voice, but also the voice of the person next to us, the voices of others."
- Pope Benedict XVI

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