December 03, 2012

Advent: Make Your House Fair

People look East, the time is near!
Of the crowning of the year!
Make your house fair as you are able
Trim the hearth and set the table!

Yesterday, after a lovely mass, and a tasty brunch, Stearns, Carrot and I went foraging for greens. It was the first time, really, that I've been outside since being sick. (I mean, for any extended period of time.) We harvested a lot of holly, and a touch of evergreens, and found our dream house. Returning home, we made wreathes for our tables, and swags for our doors.

I cannot express to you how easy it is to make a wreath out of foraged greens. You definitely need a guide: some high gauge wire or (what I used) a brass advent wreath. You also need some floral tape, and, I find having some washi tape in a natural brown or green is handy too, to cover up the sticky, gucky floral tape. I place my Advent Wreath on a platter or cake stand, so that it can be moved from our tiny table when we need that space for wrapping presents, baking, etc. I scattered the extra greens around the house, and set up the Nativity. Jesus is hidden (not terribly well, though), Mary and Joseph are on top of a bookcase, making their way, and the Three Wise Men are learning hanging out on the Piano, since they have a longer journey to make.

Last year, I was all about sparkle and light at Christmas. This year, I think I'll stick to the naturals. Evergreens, berries, red ribbons, and, in a few weeks, a brightly light tree.

Have you started decorating for Christmas? What's your favorite tradition?

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