November 19, 2012

Monday Clippings

I've been so busy jamming and getting ready for the jam-launch that I haven't had much time for anything else. You can purchase from my Etsy shop now! And I will be hosting another pop-up shop in my own apartment sometime in early December for Christmas gift purchasing. Woot.

Speaking of jam: Marmalade: A History (Ancient Industries)

Loved this review Pippa Middleton's new book about entertaining. (The New Republic)

The Unknown Hipster talks with some Czech Cistercian Monks about their uber-minimalist monastery. (The Unknown Hipster, sort of via Miss Hale)

Have I ever told you how much I love Thistles? (Design*Sponge)

This wooden map of the San Francisco Bay is stunning! (Bae Home via Sacramento Street)

The perfect hair accessory (via Miss Moss)

Did Thomas Aquinas believe in Ghosts? (Dominicana)

These toys, blankets, and baby accessories are almost thrilling enough for me to break my "I only give books" rule when it comes to kids-presents. Also, Dwell Studio, can you make this is big-person size? You know I love a good constellation print. (Creature Comforts)

When I was a teenager, my parents had one of those "How do you feel today?" magnets on our fridge. When Hepburn would come over she'd always move it to "Hopeful" -- which shows her great wisdom, though we often made a joke of it at the time. I even gave her a flip book to put on her desk at school, though I suspect it was more often on "Overwhelmed" there. Anyway: clearly, I love this installation in Toronto. Though I'd never in a million years call this art, I love it. (Plenty of Colour)

This salad has everything good in it, and would be incredible for Thanksgiving (or, if lentils are too hearty for an already filling meal, for Black Friday's detox). (Happy Yolks)

NY Daily News agrees with the Pope. (NY Daily News)

Last but not least: this is my new favorite thing ever (via Simcha Fisher):

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  1. The thistles are lovely! Now I want to have a house full of them.