November 16, 2012

Introducing Jams by Mags Fall 2012

Don't forget to stop by today's Jam Sale. The PVB will be available, as well as a few jams not listed here.


For the Troops!

Crabapples are hard to find in the big city, you know. But crabapples are plentiful on military bases. So I joined forces with a General's wife, and got climbing. The result: this clear, brilliant crabapple jelly, made especially for Christmas Morning toast.

All the profits from the sale of this Crabapple Jelly will go to two charities that help veterans, and their families. Since the fruit was donated that means about 90% of your purchase will go to charity.


I wasn't sure letting my Puerto-Rican friend, C, make the spice paste for this bold apple butter was the best idea I'd had. But once it cooled down, and I spread it on some whole wheat bread, I was convinced: the spices are perfect. The classic quartet of cinnamon, nutmeg, all spice, and cloves serve as the base for playful, fiery cayenne and ancho chile. Serve it with a sharp cheddar, and let the spices work their magic. The apples are from Tuscarora Farms, in PA.


Bright Cherries. Cold Beer. Summertime. This preserve uses tart pie cherries and two pints of a classic Belgian strawberry beer, to add sweetness, and depth. These preserves are a luscious topping for ice cream, make brilliant addition to a layer cake, and can even be used to accompany roast game. The Cherries and from Twin Springs Farm, in PA.


Onion Awesomeness. Onions are sliced thinly and caramelized slowly over a low heat. Then I add sugar, organic cinder vinegar till it is tangy, not-too-sweet, deep and rich. They can be used as an equivalent to caramelized onions in nearly any recipe, but I especially like them scattered over pizza, topping a juicy burger, or spread on a salami and chevre sandwich. They are also amazing on roast chicken. The possibilities are endless.


Subtle and intriguing, this jelly is as deep as a ruby, and as clear, too. Light and vibrant, with the slightest hint of lemon, this jelly is perfect on your next cheese board, but would also work well with roasted chicken or pork chops. And it's killer in pb&j.


This is everyone's favorite jam. It hardly needs a description. Luscious pears. Rich and warm vanilla. Sharp bourbon. All delicately balanced in a perfect, flavorful jam. People ask me what I use this for, but I've got to be honest: I eat it out of the jar, with a spoon.

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