October 31, 2012


Well, we're fine. The storm was furious and grand. We decided to read King Lear aloud, and gathered late Monday afternoon. We lost our power halfway through, and read the rest aloud by candlelight. And then we lifted our spirits with some folk-and-hymn singing and coconut cake.

We are still without power, though half our complex has power so I expect we'll get it back soon. I'm camping out at Little Gidding with Carrot and Stearns, trying to get some work done. Sidecar and Myrna are cooking by candlelight back at home, which is as charming as it is dangerous.

There were lots of other adventures, but I'll share them with you another day. Since I don't have power, and I go back to work tomorrow, tomorrow's planned Jam by Mags launch will be delayed till Monday next week. I don't suppose I'll be posting more this week, in fact, so here are a few things for the meantime:

+ Tonight is the annual All Saints Vigil at the Dominican House of Studies. I want everyone I know to go, because, alas, I cannot. I will be at work.  Get there early to get a seat.

+ This is a lovely reflection on storms from The American Interest.

+ Please pray for my dear friend Mary's father, Neil, almost a second dad to me, who has been diagnosed with a very aggressive cancer.

Happy Halloween!

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