October 01, 2012

Discoveries: A List


A bunch of Mother Theresa Stamps, which I promptly put on all my mail only to discover that the stamp rate has gone up a penny, and I have no penny stamps.
A family of dust bunnies behind the door.
Last years birthday cards. And Christmas cards. Some stamped.
A beautiful needlepoint of Our Lady of Guadalupe that my mom made for me at Christmas but which somehow never made it out of my suitcase.
Bright pink felt from the Japanese dollar store.
Lord Peter Wimsey
Bobbi pins.
Holy cards for Br. Andre.
74 books not on my bookshelf.
My favorite clutch which was full of quarters.


  1. Stupid stamps! They go up every couple of weeks! Forever stamps are really the only way to go now:(

    Also: the post office on campus where I bought stamps last only had flag stamps, which i just find boring. Sad face.

    I love that quote!

  2. Anonymous12:53 PM

    I just had this image of Lord Peter Wimsey in a corner, with a lampshade on his head. I am so glad you found him!

  3. I loved the Mother Teresa stamps. Too bad they weren't Forever stamps. I actually just had to buy a penny stamp this weekend.

  4. Mt best clean-the-room-find: 200 cash. It was awesome. I had hidden it in the book, "I Beloeve in Love," as a reward to myself. Why? Who knows what I was thinking.

  5. Anonymous11:08 PM

    Love this! and Love that quote! Now if I could just find the time to clean the house and discover wonderful things...