October 26, 2012

Clip Clip!

Kitchen Chemistry. (XKCD)

I would like one of each, please. Thank you. (Design Love Fest)

I have some beautiful tweeds from back when I worked in a fabric shop and thought maybe I'd sew all my clothes. Well, that dream has died, clearly. But I think I can tackle this cape. Capes are really great, you know, and the two that I have are probably too heavy for fall. And they transition into winter, when you wear them on top of you already heavy coat because its freaking cold out and you're a California girl and you weren't made for this. (In Honor of Design)

My thoughts exactly, Joe Queenan. (WSJ)

I don't really believe in using the word epic as an adjective meaning "big and awesome" since "big" and "awesome" mean something very different when you're talking about a night-on-the-town as opposed to the awe-full and, yes, long epics of Homer. However: this is "epic" guide to sandwiches. And I want to eat them all. And I love that they are organized by regions. For example, I completely forgot about french dip sandwiches, because no one serves them out here, but they are all over the place in CA. And they are good. Maybe not epically good. But good. (Serious Eats)

Also: cheese. (Buzzfeed)

While Vertigo is indeed visually perfect, I can't say I've ever wanted to "live in" it. (Design*Sponge)

Aw! I know this cabbie. He's one of my favorites. He listens to jazz, and rants about pop music, and talk radio and all sorts of horrible things that ought to be ranted about. And he is a doll.

I'm really craving cake this week. This looks simple, hearty, and delicious. (The First Mess)

I'm not going to say I am not excited about Sandy. I am. I love weather; all weather. But, I do feel a little guilty being excited, so: if you live in the DC area, I highly recommend you keep an eye on the Capital Weather Gang's posts. They are by far the best weather reporters I've ever come across, and mix the perfect amount of caution, excitement, science and sobriety. For their tropical reports, click here.

Making one of these on Sunday, me thinks: Baked Oatmeal with Pears or Pumpkin (Not Without Salt & Eat Boutique)

Splurge of the year: pale pink linen sheets (Garnet Hill)

Next week on 10KP: I'm going to show you some awesome art-based halloween costumes. Plus: C. S. Lewis update! And Jams!

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