October 17, 2012

A Handful of Hamlet Clips

The other night, J&R came over for dinner and, as always, J and Dad talked about a million different books and plays and so forth. I only caught the tail end of their conversation about Hamlet (Surely there's a recording of Burton's Hamlet ... as long as you don't get all Freudian...). But then Terry Teachout posted this clip of Burton's Hamlet. Kismet! I just had to share.

Then J sent along the Welles/O'Toole clips. For the record, I could listen to Peter O'Toole talk about anything. But this! This is great. I can't even begin to process it right now, it so intriguing. Alas, it cuts off at one of the most fascinating points of the discussion. If anyone can find the fourth clip, I'll be ever so grateful.

ps. Other Richard Burton awesomeness.

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