September 27, 2012


Is it late summer? Or early fall? I don't really know, and the weather keeps confusing me, but the fact is, we won't be having super fresh herbs for much longer now. This may explain why three bloggers yesterday posted recipes for pesto. As you know, I love pesto. It goes on everything. And I am thrilled to try these three variations out:

+ Creamy Parsley Pesto, from Not Without Salt. I've never mastered parsley pesto, the ratios always seem off, so I am excited to try!

+ This Tarragon Oil, from 101 Cookbooks, looks subtle and amazing.

+ And from Kelly of The Best Remedy, we have a classic genovese pesto featured on A Cup of Jo.

UPDATE. Ah! It is in the air! Here are two more:

+ With sundried tomatoes from Like Mother Like Daughter

+ With arugula and walnuts from For Me For You

+ Made of broccoli and cream from Smitten Kitchen

I am a fan of classic pasta al pesto, but I'm not kidding when I say I put it on everything. Mix it with eggs for a green omelet. Spread it on a hunk of bread with some tuna and red peppers. Drizzle over tomato and mozzarella; over polenta. Last week I put it on french bread with an avocado for lunch (above).

What do you put your pesto on? What's your favorite version?

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