September 20, 2012

Meet: The Evangelista!

My friend Christina Grace has started a marvelous new fashion blog, called The Evangelista. Her purpose is clear:
Evangelista + Fashionista =  Evangelista.  ... Many of us live and work in a world wherein if one wants to evangelize and draw one’s friends and family to Christ, presenting oneself in a way that is beautiful (in the truest sense of the word) is absolutely necessary. There is a delicate balance to be reached between clothing the poor and clothing oneself, between presenting oneself in a way that is beautiful and avoiding the vanity that our culture wants to encourage and exploit, and it is up to each of us to beg for the grace (and encourage one another!) to maintain a healthy and temperate attitude toward clothing, beauty products, and the amount of time and money we dedicate to them.

Personally, I'd love a style blog made by CG even if it was just quick mirror shots of her outfits, because she is so stylish, but approachably and affordably so. (I mean, come on! stripes and paisley. I die.)

But how much better is this? Though she hopes many will be inspired by her blog, not just Christians, her Christian outlook is overtly expressed, a touchstone guiding her thoughts and words, and, yes, her outfits. If clothing is a representation of ourselves, then it must also be a representation of what, or rather, who is in our hearts: Christ.

Plus she has great posts that flesh out her thoughts on personal style, shopping habits, and so forth (my favorite posts thus far: "Style is an Art not a Science" and a Clueless inspired Guide to Cleaning out the Closet.) Her clothing is sourced from affordable places, as well, making her style all that much more approachable.

But perhaps the best recommendation I can give is based on the first time I met her. Stearns was giving me a ride somewhere, and Christina was in the front seat. I popped in the back, and immediately noticed the awesome shoulders and sleeves of C's jacket. It was black, military style, with this overlapping fabric detail that looks so sharp, plus a few brass studs. But it was elegant, not over the top. It was everything I ever wanted in a jacket. Anyway, we got to talking, and I was so delighted by her vivacity and openness and her really kickass smile, that I forgot entirely to ask her where she got such a fabulous jacket.

That's what you'll get at The Evangelista: the fun, vivacious, thoughtful, generous, and insightful Christina Grace. Plus some killer clothes.

I hope you'll love her as much as I do.

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