September 14, 2012


There are only two serious links in this clippings post, so I may as well give them to you off the bat:
For many years, the liberal arts were my second religion. I worshipped their content, I believed in their significance, I fought for them against the philistines of our age as Samson fought against the Philistines of his—though in my case, I kept my hair and brought down no pillars. As currently practiced, however, it is becoming more and more difficult to defend the liberal arts. Their content has been drastically changed, their significance is in doubt, and defending them in the condition in which they linger on scarcely seems worth the struggle.
- Joseph Epstein, Who Killed the Liberal Arts (The Weekly Standard via The Professor).

Secondly, be sure to check out this thorough look at the Pope's Visit to Lebanon. And pray for him! (The Catholic World Report)

Damn. I think I need to make these cookies.  Sorry, Myrna. Also these, which you won't mind since you don't like Zukes. (Cup of Jo and Eat Boutique)

There are three ways to cook pasta, did you know that? But the last way, advertised as "60 second pasta" is really one hour and thirty one minute pasta, so I don't see how that's relevant. I use the second way almost always, if I am also making a sauce, because it is starchier and therefore better for binding. (Food 52)

NoVA Oktoberfests (Northern Virginia Magazine)

It's rather ironic that Martha Stewart Living's "American Made" contest is sponsored by Toyota. But there are lots of great finds in here: craftsman and artisans and even a few jams shops. (MSL)

An elegant late summer lunch with 4 ingredients! (Not Without Salt)

Ladies, if you're in the DC area and have some clothes to get rid of, then you should drop by this Swap Meet which benefits Good Girls of DC and Martha's Outfitters on Saturday! (The Evangelista)

Yes. It was this wedding. (Washington Post)

A friend's friend made this adorable film set to Nouvelle Vague's cover of Dancing with Myself. Happy friday!

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  1. Re: the wedding - I love the way they met.

    You always post the neatest events in the DC area that I wish I lived over there!