September 21, 2012

Clippings for an Autumn Afternoon

Guess what I did yesterday? Picked Crab Apples! It was so fun. Apple Musk is one of the world's underrated smells. A very very special Jams by Mags Crab Apple Jelly is in the works.

Guys. When I wrote this post, I promise you, I had no idea that that day was National Cheeseburger Day. Do you know what else? March is National Celery Month. Aren't you glad to know this?  If you're wondering why I am linking to this in September, it's because the link is full of all the possible food holidays for the whole entire year! National Bicarbonite of Soda Day (December 30); Pudding Season Begins (October 1) (yes, pudding has a season); National Canned Luncheon Meat Week (first week of July) (when no one is going to school lunches). I think I am going to start a new National Food Day diet.

And now for something you actually want to know (or at least I have wanted to know this): the proper way to dispose of medication. (Northern VA Magazine)

In the clean, simple, and uncluttered home of my dreams, this would be my bedside table. (Makr)

Ok, I am seriously in love with Wills and Kate. How cute are they? And how great are all her dresses on this southeast Asia trip.  Love love love love love (green dress!) love (shirtdress!) love love. As to the baby rumors, she has worn much more flowy skirts than usual, but then, tight skirts are unbearable in hot weather, so, who knows. (GFY)

If you're not totally tired of hearing about different political what-nots, I direct your attention to two First Things posts: Komen and Planned Parenthood, and Makers vs. Takers.

And, a very excellent post by a friend about Motherhood: If We Don't Have It All What Do We Have? (Altcatholicah)

One Bird Feeds Two Women for Five Days. Have I mentioned lately that Roast Chicken is the BEST EVER. I will, by the way, roast you all a chicken if today's lunch is not soup (or at least broth based). Nota Bene: The link goes to their main site, so look for September 17-21. (Canal House Cooks Lunch)

Ooooh!  Ornery Agatha Christie critiques her fellow detective authors while celebrating British Detective Fiction. What fun! Also fun: Talk like Poirot day. (The Guardian via Lindsey)

Why yes, Terry Teachout, I do want to see a promo for Satchmo at the Waldorf. I also want to see it!  SOMEONE IN DC PRODUCE THIS NOW THANK YOU. (About Last Night)

I like this bag very much. (Made by Hank)

BRAVO to the Nationals, clinching their place in the play-offs!  Now for Division champions! DC is not much for their home teams (except the Redskins), but it is very fun seeing how the city has rallied behind the Nationals this year. Call them fair-weather fans, sure, but it's great to be able to root for the home team (so long as they aren't playing your team). (Washington Post)

Pesto deviled eggs, no? (Anthology)

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