September 07, 2012

Be Thankful

Last year, on this day, it was raining. And I showed up to a surprise party with my hair sopping wet. I'm grateful for the fifteen dear friends who surprised me (and played all sorts of tricks so that I truly was surprised), friends dear enough not to judge me for sopping wet hair.

Last September was a month-long greyness. And then, last fall, winter, and spring were completely sunny and marvelous. And I'm grateful for the sun greeting me each morning, and helping me to see the beauty of each day as I got up the courage to go to a job I didn't like (for, admittedly, a cause I love).

Last Christmas, Curry told me she was expecting again, and, this July she had J. And I am grateful beyond words to be his godmother. And grateful beyond words for all the babies my friends have had in the past year. This has been a busy year for babies! I knew 30 women pregnant this Spring!

Last Spring, I found myself less and less content with work, regardless of how hard I worked, or how much I accomplished. And I am grateful that having actually accomplished something, I was offered the chance to change careers entirely, and do something I really really love.

Now Summer is fading, and I find myself thankful beyond words for the friends who have supported me, and encouraged me, and made me laugh till my stomach hurts, and cry for joy, and taught me how great God's love is for us through their witness of grace and action and patience and trust. And for the little things too numerous to list.

The gift of life is enough, but then to have such abundance! My gratitude will never be enough. And so, I keep saying to myself: be thankful.


  1. Is today your birthday? If so, happy birthday! Mine's tomorrow so it's nice to know I'm in good company.
    Thanks for the reminder to be thankful. A lot of good has happened in my life as well over the past year, if only I open my eyes to see it.

  2. Happy birthday, dear friend! You are a little treasure in this world and your birthday is the perfect occasion for us, those who are blessed to call you "friend," to express our gratitude for you! (even a few days late (: )

  3. Happy belated birthday! I love the last paragraph - so true!