August 27, 2012

Monday Clippings

All the Love in the Universe is one of my very favorite Instagram feeds, and he just uploaded a bunch of photos from a recent family vacation. (above)

New Cat Power on NPR First Listen today. (NPR)

According to a recent study, Vincent Van Gogh was colorblind. (Smithsonian)

A new way to serve tomatoes that just blew my mind. (Food 52)

The Shakespearean Insult Generator. (via Paris Review)

For love of the Clarinet (probably my favorite instrument, thanks to those first 11 bars of Rhapsody in Blue). (WSJ)

August is Virginia Craft Brewery Month, and The New York Times recently did a Travel roundup. Woot! (PS. My favorite VA brewer is Blue Mountain. Their Full Nelson Pale Ale is outstanding.)

New York in the 80's. Rough, but awesome too. (Miss Moss)

A bold but stunning colorboard. (100 Layer Cake via Ritzy Bee)

Tim Goodman, my favorite TV Critic of all time, has a really fantastic, bold, spot-on critique of TLC and their awful reality programing. (The Hollywood Reporter)

Because most of America doesn't want the Nationals to win... (DCist)

"A poor, unwed father is almost entirely dependent on the woman if he wants to see his child. His power to break his promises, to walk away from his kids in a way women simply can’t and won’t, is matched by his powerlessness if he wants to keep those promises against the will of a mistrustful mother." - Eve Tushnet on what she's learned volunteering at a Crisis Pregnancy center. (NRO)

And finally, in honor of Neil Armstrong, I wanted to share this incredible letter from one of his colleagues at NASA, Dr. Ernest Stuhlinger, to a Zambian nun, who asked "Why explore space?"  Now I'm off to cry my way through Apollo 13. (Letters of Note)

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