August 16, 2012

I'm Julia Child!

"I'm Julia Child!" Well, I'm not.  (I was a few years ago, for Halloween. I carried around a rubber chicken, and tried, failed, to imitate her voice. It was great fun!) I just thought I'd use that famous quote to start things off here. A day late, but I won't apologize for it, here are some awesome clips of Julia-Child-love around the internets yesterday:

A video slideshow of her greatest TV moments. (Huffington Post)

The Julia Child recipes home cooks still make (New York Times via Mr. Newton)

Chicken Liver Mousse made by Ashley at Not Without Salt. R made this last year for my annual party, and it was incredible.

A linen 2013 calendar with a great quote from Julia. (Etsy)

Hepburn reminds me that the Julia Child Show (or whatever it was called) is available for viewing on Amazon. "The the food doesn't look super appetizing in the older B&W episodes," she says. (Amazon)

Mastering the Art of French Cooking is such a perfect title that we cannot imagine why it would be named anything else, but there were lots of other possibilities. Myrna likes Cooking for Love, while Mom said "Clearly her idea of a hobby is different from mine." (Though, Mom, really, that's not true. You hobby is also your craft, is also your obsession much like Julia's.) (Lists of Note)

Her kitchen is open at the American History Museum again for viewing, till Sept. 3rd. (Smithsonian)

And, last but not least, my favorite Julia Child cookbook: Julia and Jules Cooking at Home.


  1. Anonymous12:02 PM

    And you have Hubert to prove it :-)

  2. Anonymous1:35 PM

    not hugely surprising that Myrna likes Cooking for Love! ;) I like La Bonne Cuisine Française. Also, I have always wanted to try making my own liver mousse... going to save the recipe. ~Torie