August 31, 2012

Clippings: Hardly Serious

Sorry for not posting yesterday. I sort of forgot. And "forgot" really means: I rolled into bed Wednesday night after a ten hour work day, and fell asleep for eleven hours only to wake up realizing I had twenty minutes to get to work, which is 40 minutes away, and somehow I had slept through my five alarms. So yeah, "forgot." Also, this has hardly anything that is serious in it, because I haven't had time to actually read anything this week. Just look at pretty pictures.

Of course, if I lived in my own mobile shop, this would not be a problem. I am beyond obsessed with this idea. But I think you'd have to be much smarter at social media than I am to really pull this off.  (Remodelista)

PS. Oh my gosh, I really want to go to Australia/New Zealand, I think. Besides the mobile shop (above), I have to say I love their fashion. They have truly the cutest coffee shop in the world (above). And goodness, it is beautiful. (Verily, What Katie Ate, and Man O'War Wines, which, ps, we carry at G+B and they are incredible.)

Ann Romney, I know nothing about you except that you have MS, and ... I like your dress (though this article, from which I got the photo, is quite absurd). (Jezebel)

Japan's Garden Museum is selling their entire collection of Tiffany Glass. The owner of the museum and collection is worried about earthquakes and tsunamis, and doesn't want these works to be destroyed. This strikes me as a novel and generous decision -- something truly surprising in the self-obsessed modern world. Myrna, who is writing about Tiffany for her MA Thesis, said "I'm very familiar with this collection - it's some of the best of the best - and American dec arts people salivate over it. Also, the pieces have rarely travelled outside of Japan, which is such a teaser." (Art News Daily)

To awesome retrospectives from the Fug Girls: Cameron Diaz and Alec Baldwin's hair. (Go Fug Yourself)

Call me crazy, but I love these pants. And if I was 6 inches taller and 10 years younger, I'd totally wear them. (The Sartorialist)

Clearly, Jamie Beck is stunning and has brilliant taste, so her wedding dress was going to be out of this world gorgeous. But what I love most of all about this story of her dress and her husband's Kevin Burg's tuxedo, is that they were made by a father-daughter team of designers.  Stunning photography, too, of course. (Ann Street Studios)

Jenny makes it all look soooooooo easy.  (Little Green Notebook)

The Avett Brothers new album is on NPR this week.  I like them. Not sure if I love them, though. (NPR)

I would like to note that I have not had burrata yet this summer, and this stunning display of self control is going to end tomorrow, thanks to this dish: Roasted Nectarines with Burrata. (WSJ)

What! What!  The book J. R. R. Tolkien read to his children (The Marvellous Land of Snergs by E.A. Wyke-Smith) is available as an audio download. (Happy Catholic)

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