August 03, 2012

Clippings: Halcyon Summer Days

I would like very much to go stargazing this weekend. (Mom's Pinterest)

You know how you're supposed to re-read your favorite books every few years, from the new perspective of life and age and wisdom and mistakes and time passed and all that.  The best books only get better.  Apparently that's true for the best comics, too, because, guys: Calvin and Hobbes syndicated repeats are really hitting it this summer. Case in point. (Calvin and Hobbes)

Every one of these photos from Brian Ferry is North-east Summer Perfection. (The Blue Hour)

Shortbread for-the-win from my good friend Maddy (WhoopsYummy)

The "I want to go to England" frenzy is in full force these days, in spite of that awful opening ceremony to the Olympics, and I find myself singing Jerusalem while scooting to work.  This English Countryside Luncheon will have to suffice for now, though. (Saveur)

Have you read the F. Scott Fitzgerald story recently published in (thought once rejected by) The New Yorker. I've said it before: no one could write a sentence as perfectly as he could. (The New Yorker)

A very very young Johnny Cash (Farmolio)

90,000 Jews gather to celebrate the Talmud: this is just beautiful. (NJ News via First Things)

Mint Pistachio Pesto: I haven't tried it, but I think it will be a revelation. (Food 52)

Hoping to make these fruit/ice cream/coconut bombes this weekend, only I'm going to use peaches. I basically have a sugar craving all the time, now that I work on my feet all day. These would be a lovely treat for the end of the day. (Oh Joy)

Brilliance from Simcha Fishcer:

The story is the battle between good and evil.  And, as a commenter in my last post said, "Women are the battlefield."  We see this daily in the news:  the battle for religious freedom centers on "women's issues" like contraception and abortion; the battle for bodily integrity is fought in the womb of an illegally pregnant Chinese woman.  When abortions are elective or infanticide is tolerated, it's baby girls who die.  Name some social ill, large or small, and you will find women at the center.  War criminals know this:  this is why systematic rape is such an effective weapon against the entire community.

It's even in RevelationsThe woman, the queen clothed with the sun, is in childbirth, crying out and in pain -- and there is a dragon, waiting to swallow her child when it is born.  In terrible pain and anxiety, she struggles to push the child, the savior, out of herself, only to meet the horror of having her child taken away, devoured.  The woman herself is not the savior; but without her, there is no savior.  Her body is the battlefield.

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