August 17, 2012

Clippings for an August Afternoon

I completely forgot to post two links to the Kid-lit update I did earlier this week. One of the links brings very happy news: Philip and Erin Stead, the team behind one of my favorite picture books in ages and ages and ages, have a new book coming out: Bear Has a Story to Tell. That is one of the illustrations above. Gorgeous, no? I've added those links to the original post, so check it out.

Why Burn-Doctors Hate Instant Soup (NPR via 101 Cookbooks)

Emmy Lou Harris got her start in ... DC? (DCist)

My friend Jeremy Beer writes about his recent visits to a handful of Minor League Ballparks (Front Porch Republic)

A one-year vacation from the internet: tempting no-more-lazy-distractions fix, or ... (First Things)

I am in 100% agreement with Nicole's assessment of a summer weekend well spent: "every weekend is wasted unless it includes at least one rooftop meal and one — okay, two stone fruit desserts." She shares a love of brandied peaches with Henry James and, as it happens, me! Read more here. (Paper & Salt)

Kate Miss has shared her Fall 2012 Jewelry lookbook and I am obsessed with this clay amulet. (Kate Miss)

I wouldn't accept a date request via text...let alone a marriage proposal.  (Miss Manners)

Hilarious and profound reflections on decorating for the Feast of the Assumption from Sally Thomas. (Castle in the Air)

A local homeless man, Peter Bis, who has sat near Union Station lo-these-many years, passed away earlier this week from a heart attack. The tributes have been lovely. A gentle reminder that all men, no matter how unfortunate their circumstances, have worth and dignity and bring joy. (National Review)

A 23-year Long Road Trip (One + One)

Eammon's - the Dublin Chipper - is now open in Arlington.  Wahooo!  Also, if you're looking for the Port City Brewing Company's Derecho Common, here's a list of available tapping locations in DC/VA. (Arlington Now and Port City Tumblr)

Though I have professed my lovelovelove of Simon and Garfunkel, I will admit, "The Boxer" is not one of my favorite songs. I've loved what Mumford & Sons have done with it, though (listen below). Turning it into an anthem subverts it's somewhat self-indulgent melancholy. From Jerry Douglas' The Traveller.

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  1. Thanks for the link! Enjoying the others, too.