July 25, 2012

The Gift: New Work by Michael O'Brien

The Gift, by Michael O'Brien, is a beautiful meditation on the loss of a Child.

At the start of 2012, I knew 30 women expecting babies (most of them have had their babies by now)! For a number of them, they conceived and successfully brought to term their babies after several miscarriages. I've been at a loss as to how to respond to such a sad event, and grateful for their own witness of faith.

Miscarriages are sometimes mentioned in discussions about abortion--that forcing the death of your baby is somehow akin to the natural action of the body during a miscarriage--rejecting what is untenable. I know little about Theology and less about biology, and nothing of the grief of loosing your own child, but I was always shocked by that comparison. No two things could be more disparate.

Miscarriage reminds us that all life is a tremendous gift, and the only response to incomprehensible and tragic times that gives any consolation and hope is fiat mihi secundum verbum tuum.

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