July 19, 2012

The Best Apricot Jam I've Ever Had

A super successful jam shop; thank you everyone for coming!

My friends. You're going to hate me. When I was home in California, I made an Apricot Jam that was simply stunning.  And there is none left to share with you. It sold-out in our California pop-up shop. And if it hadn't, I would have kept it all for myself, anyway. Sometimes, I'm greedy that way.

I wish I could sell Apricot Jam in the shop. The thing is, I just can't find apricots here in Virginia. It's too bad, because they make the world's easiest and most lovely jam. And you can use crappy apricots. The ones I used were under-ripe green even at points. Last year they were so ripe they were practically already jam. No matter what state your apricots are in, Apricot Jam is no fail.

From now one, whenever someone asks me about starting to make jam, I will tell them to wait till apricot season, and then use this recipe from David Leibowitz.  Don't worry if you don't remember. When you Google "Apricot Jam" his recipe is the first that comes up. You need no other. And you certainly don't need to wait on me.

(But, should I ever have a super abundance of apricots, you know this is what I'll make next.)
Come to our Jam Pop-up, today at 2 on Mare Island!

Apricot Jam on the stove. Available at Saturday's Mare Island Pop-Up Shop!

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