July 10, 2012

Guest Post: Shopping for Maxi Dresses

Day two of Guest Posts on 10KP. Today we're hearing from Cordelia, my fellow Californian in Virginia, who has graciously put aside her jealousy of my current trip to write this post. Check out her blog here.

Summer time, and the live’n is easy. . . but it’s also hot and humid and the very last thing I want think about is fitted clothing. Enter, the maxi dress! I have to admit that only just bought my first maxi dress last Friday. I’ve been skeptically eyeing the trend (But is it really a trend? According to Merriam-Webster we first started hearing about the maxi in 1967. The maxi is closing in on classic status at the age of 45!), but now I am hooked and I’ve worn my purchase several times since! It’s the perfect summer item! Long, flowing and graceful, what more could you want!

I think the trick to keeping the dress from being too dressy is a pair of simple, flat sandals, no heals. And throw some chunky jewelry on (think big earrings, bangles, or necklaces, either one piece at a time or all together), I think there needs to be some contrast to the long, fluid, lines of these dresses.

I found mine at Marshalls for a mere $29, in a delicious Mediterranean blue, but here are a few that I am coveting and saving my pennies for: Ann Taylor, Anthropologie, Garnet Hill, and Shabby Apple.

Nota Bene: I’ve always steered clear of the Maxi dress before because of their tendency to have plunging V-necks, and the thought of putting a layer underneath for coverage seemed counter intuitive. The point is to be cool right? But I’ve found that a safety pin neatly does the trick; especially with the styles made out of jersey, you can’t even see the pin when it is in place. Of course, you could go the more expensive route and have it professionally tailored, which sounds very proper and probably the better thing to do for the garment, but I’ll stick with my safety pins (I am not sure if that pun was intended, I leave it up to you).


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