July 20, 2012

Clippings, Salt, Bras, Lightning, and Squirrels

How to skin a squirrel, via the 1964 ed. Of THE JOY OF COOKING. Step one, put on a dainty boot.

How to skin a squirrel, via The Joy of Cooking (1964 edition). Step 1) put on dainty gloves. Step 2) put on dainty boots. (above, photo mine, cookbook, Mr. and Mrs. Tom Jones)

You know how there was never a good skin color crayon.  One artist is using Pantone colors to match skintone. And it's pretty darn cool. (Today)

I am sorry to say, I've only had one of SF's 20 most iconic dishes. I've got some eating to do. I have, however, had 4 of DC's most iconic dishes. (SF / DC Eater)

Wild beer! (Gilt Taste)

Russel Saltzman, a Lutheran pastor and regular contributor to First Thingswrites about Humanae Vitae.

Kieth Richards apparently is a retired Captain Jack Sparrow. Also: how does Patti Hansen look so young. Also, I have never seen so many prints and I am not ashamed to say I want them all. (Vogue)

Jabble is my new favorite word. Though "mizzle-witted" and "larruping" are pretty awesome too. (Mental Floss)

I hate most lampshades. In fact, part of my perpetual failure to commit to any new lamps, even though I don't like my old lamps, is because of the lampshades, which are always so ugly and cheap looking.  And more lampshade DIYs are corny as all get out. But this. This I could do. And love. (Design*Sponge)

Perfect summer dessert: Berries and...chocolate salt?! (Salt News)

Happy Catholic is reading the Classics; I am (especially/obviously) excited for her thoughts on The Waste Land.

Anyone who is interested in costume history should read this fascinating post about a pile of lingerie from the 15th century that was found in an Austrian castle. (Telegraph, via Myrna)

Finally: anyone who is interested in weather or Washington DC should read this fascinating post from Capital Weather Gang. Who I hereby proclaim are the best weather reporters on the face of the earth.  (via Sidecar)

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  1. Just a friendly suggestion: you might want to correct the spelling of a word in your post's title: "Lightening" is the act of making something lighter. "Lightning" is the thing that accompanies thunder. :) I do enjoy your blog!